My take on mobile games

*trailer voice* In a world, where mobile games rule the gaming world… just kidding. But it is not a wrong to say that mobile games are getting really, and I mean really popular today. There are a lot of different mobile games to play online. You can play multiplayer games for single player games. There are also a lot of free games when you can buy premium currency for real money. But a lot of people would rather use cheat then pay for the game.

Because cheats are so easily available to everyone most of the gamers using the right now. Most of the cheats are free and easy to use with simple interface an no technical knowledge required. This could be potentially a big problem because companies will lose money. Using cheating games is almost never a good idea but there is some games where you should use cheats because the developers are not doing a good job and they just want the money. Types of games that just care about money or new mobile games where they put a limit on how much you can play everyday. You need to read the period of time recharge your life and after you recharge then you can play. The only way around this is to pay them money.

Most popular games that use this technique are: Candy Crush, Toy Blast, Toon Blast, Farmville and many other games. Recently I came across a website that offers cheats for free coins in Toon Blast. I try to use it and it worked perfectly. You can find many cheats website on Google. In many tutorials will people show you how to obtain some items in the game. Game developers are trying to combat this but they are not working efficiently against this is they just want more money in their pocket.

There are so many psychological triggers in the game that will motivate you to buy extra currency the game so can play a little bit more everyday. And that’ll be great if the prices are so high. Some of the games can reach up $250 in game currency. These prices are just ridiculous and I don’t think a single person should spend $250 just to play game a little bit more in speed things up. You can do so much more $250 dollars rather than buying some virtual currency in some game that you’ll forget about two months. Candy Crush Friends Saga offers package that costs 229.99 Euros. These prices are just crazy and no wonder why people actually use cheats for games like these. They all have glowing reviews, but most of the reviews that have 1 star are complaints about the prices, because you just can’t buy one time. They keep offering you to buy something new every time you open up the game.