Spring Tour!
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From your mentally ill cousin's favorite band:
Well hello there! Welcome to our super groovy wow-tastic website! And not to worry, NYC's WWIX have your eyes and ears covered! First off they have a brand new 5 song sonic slab of arrogant audio audacity, “Off The Wagon” out NOW on Megaplatinum Records. Guaranteed to make you regret last night. Then, these cartoonish creeps just put out a new comic book created by guitarist Justin Melkmann! Yep, Earaches and Eyesores #4 pulls no punches as it chronicles the band’s brush with destruction and subsequent triumphant resurrection! You’re gonna want to get your sticky mitts on both of these fine, fine, superfine piles of punk trash. OK? Good. See you at the bar.
Carrera Con El Diablo
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